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WhatsUp! , The Activity Search Engine Friend Finder for companions, friends and dates.
Ask WhatsUp! tell them Whatshappening !! and invite them.

Local Business Premium Account

• Reaching a local audience of up to 75 miles from the location you have entered when signing up. Convert local users into customers by Advertising your merchandise locally on Hey! WhatUp within your region. Whereas all Hey! WhatUp' members in your community receive an upload from your business each time you upload an advertisement and along with your advertisement will receive your sales button.

• With your local business membership you are entitled to receive 2 sales buttons where you can sell your merchandise, either an Order Button attachment or a Special Offer button attached with every upload you post, and for anyone to click within your 75 miles parameters.
With your Hey! WhatUp' Local Brand Membership you can also, • Send messages

• Video chat

• Answer and reply to questions on your personal timeline

• Upload videos on the Hey, WhatsUp TV Channel

• Establish a platform on Hey! WhatUp' and all of your other platforms starting right here today.

To learn more scroll down this page and rap the local business brand advertisement widget located on your right-side view of this page
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